Police chief: City is safe after multiple shootings

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A rash of recent shootings in Cincinnati led Police Chief James Craig to call a press conference Tuesday to calm fears in several communities.

The first homicide of 2012 happened last Saturday at Beekman Market in Milvale. Just a few hours later, police were called to Mt. Auburn for the murder of a 19-year-old man. On Sunday, a domestic dispute in Camp Washington led to a man who police say shot and killed his ex-girlfriend. Monday, detectives were sent to a shooting on Gilbert Avenue in Evanston, and were then called to shots being fired at the Dairy Market on East Mcmillan in Walnut Hills.

"We do believe in each of the five incidents, that none of them were random," said Chief Craig. "There's no good news when you talk about homicide. But because they are not random, we're not at this point concerned about any retaliation shootings."

Craig then reassured the public that his department is actively investigating each case.

"The city is not less safe. It is not less safe," said Craig.

Several Cincinnati city council members also attended the press conference, including Cecil Thomas, who said neighbors are taking a more active role in reporting crimes they see.

"People are fed up. People are over fed up. You now, enough is enough," said Thomas.  "They are not going to tolerate these types of incidents in their communities. If they know who it is, they are going to call. Its just that simple. So I tell the bad guys, you are going to jail, you are going to the penitentiary. Its just a matter of time."

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