Reality Check: Candidates shredding each other, then endorsing...Does it ring hollow?

(FOX19) - Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman bargained on skipping Iowa and hoped to take New Hampshire in the race for the Republican nomination.  He didn't.

As you know, the former Governor finished third in New Hampshire behind former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and Texas Congressman Ron Paul.

Monday, Huntsman ended his run and endorsed Governor Romney.

To be clear, Governor Huntsman can endorse anyone he chooses.  Also to be clear, he is actually a distant cousin of Romney and both share an L.D.S. Faith.  It is therefore, really not a surprise that Huntsman would back Romney.

But what somewhat bizarre, this strange dance we see during Presidential primaries.

Candidates attack each other relentlessly and then upon dropping out, take a moment to throw their support behind the front-runner.

This was Huntsman Monday:

"Today I call on each campaign to cease attacking each other and instead talk directly to the American people about how our conservative ideas will create jobs,reduce our nation's debt, stabilize energy prices and provide a brighter future for our children and grandchildren. "

Since this is Reality Check, lets deal with the reality of Huntsman's campaign.

In his endorsement of Romney, Huntsman said, that Romney is the candidate who can best defeat President Obama.

But the night before the New Hampshire primary, he said Romney was making himself unelectable with comments like "I like to fire people".

On Wednesday, December 21s, Huntsman's campaign blasted Governor Romney, saying that jobs lost at companies during his time at Bain capital,  counter his claims of being a job creator.

And then there was the "Sacred Mittless" ads in which Romney was mocked for not doing a single Sunday morning show since 2007.

In fact, the ad mentions an incident we covered here in Reality Check when Governor Romney came to Terrace Park, a suburb of Cincinnati, just before the Issue 2 vote and wouldn't take a stand either for or against it in public.

"Scared Mittless" pushed the idea that Romney is afraid to answer questions about his record.

Huntsman is also the one who famously called Romney a "perfectly lubricated weathervane"

After South Carolina, we will likely see at least 2 more candidates drop out of the race.

Once they do, they begin the process of forgetting all the harsh criticisms they had during the primary as if they never happened, and you probably guess why.

Remember 2008, as then Senator Barack Obama becomes President, his chief rivals, Joe Biden becomes his vice president and Hillary Clinton his Secretary of State.

Had John Edwards and Bill Richardson stayed out of trouble and scandal, they likely would have had appointments as well.

Many thought Edwards would be tapped for Attorney General.

It all goes back to the argument that, this is just politics.

And then we wonder why so many people are disconnected from the two parties in this country.

The idea that candidates will shred each other during the primaries and then excuse why they have done so as, "Well, they are still better than President Obama".  It  just rings hollow.

Many people believe that America is in a bad place right now.  The people are looking for a champion, not someone who will treat this critical time in our nation's history as nothing more than a political game.

And that is Reality Check.

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