Billboard causing a stir in Mount Washington

MOUNT WASHINGTON, OH (FOX19) - Work on the 40-foot tall sign is currently on hold after a stop-order from the City of Cincinnati last week. The Mt. Washington community council calls the billboard an eyesore.

"It crushes some of that charming spirit we are trying to create," said Danielle Necessary, Mount Washington resident.

Mount Washington community officials say there are zoning measures that prevent such billboards from being constructed in the downtown business district.

"If you don't know you can do something, the proper procedure is to go ask the city and the city evidently said this is ok with zoning, which we disagree with," said Jacob Williams, President of the Mount Washington Community Council.

Williams says the city of Cincinnati should have scheduled a hearing with the community before allowing the billboard owner, Norton Advertising, to erect the sign.

"The biggest issue with something like this is that it serves a precedent for future development," said Williams.

More than 50-members of the Mount Washington community met Wednesday night to express their disapproval of the billboard and passed a motion. The community will send a letter to Cincinnati council members and the city's zoning department, asking four things:

1) Oppose future construction on the billboard.

2) Demand it's immediate removal.

3) The city to pay any fees associated with an appeal process.

4) Move the hearing with the zoning board to the evening instead of morning so more community members can attend.

"It's not suppose to be there, we all have the documentation to prove that but for some reason it's there it just doesn't quite make sense," said Necessary.

The Mount Washington council has been in contact with the city, and the city is working with them to schedule a hearing, but that could take 2-6 weeks.

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