Cincinnati Museum Center to display 19th century artifacts found at The Banks

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - History has been dug up at The Banks project in downtown Cincinnati.

A collection of 19th century artifacts were excavated during the construction of The Banks and will soon be on display at the Cincinnati Museum Center.

They uncovered over 600 pieces of Cincinnati's early history. The pieces give an insight to what Cincinnati was like during the 1800s.

"This is a collection of people, working class folks, blue collar, black smiths, tobacco workers," said Bob Genheimer, Curator of Archeology, Cincinnati Museum Center, "So they tell a story actually a physical story of life in Cincinnati in the 19th century that you will not see in history books."

The excavation of the 2025 square foot area uncovered the remains of two buildings that were once a saloon and a grocery store on the main levels and residential rental units upstairs.

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