OSP urges motorists to use caution on icy roads

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Police around the Cincinnati area say they've had their hands full with traffic accidents as the result of icy roads.

Sgt. Pete Combs with the Ohio State Patrol says speeding motorists are also to blame.  "Driving too fast....and one of the troops actually clocked a lady last night...when the freezing rain was happening....clocked her at 95 miles an hour in a 65 zone so people just need to slow down," said Sgt. Combs.

Sgt. Combs says black ice is also a problem. "It's the water that's melted on the roadway and it reforms when it gets dark....and the salt crews are out, they're doing a good job of treating the roadways, but it's the spotty areas...especially the overpasses and bridges that will refreeze before the rest of the road does and that is what you have to watch," Combs said.

There are ways to cope with black ice. "You can see it. You have to watch for the reflection of it in your headlights. Just maintain speeds lower than the speed limit and use diligence if you have to be out," Sgt. Combs said.

Salt trucks have been working extended shifts, but when the temperature dips into the mid 20's or lower the salt work a lot slower so roads may remain icy for longer periods of time.

Police say motorists should stay home if they don't have to be out on the roads.

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