District 4 welcomes new (reassigned) officers

NORTH AVONDALE, OH (FOX19) - Cincinnati Police Chief James Craig kicked off a new program Sunday which will put 50 additional officers on the streets and in the schools of Cincinnati. The re-organization includes 40 uniform officers and 10 school resource officers.

District 4, which includes 10 neighborhoods from Mount Auburn to Hartwell, has one of the highest crime rates in the city. The district welcomed 15 new officers Sunday.

"We're using them to beef up our uniform patrol and our presence in the neighborhoods," said police Lt. David Fink.

"That would be wonderful. That would be great. I hope its all for the good. Get some of the criminals off the street," said resident Deborah Price.

Authorities say beefing up patrols can mean one of several different things.

"We can maybe deploy more officers in plain clothes on the shift where we might not have been able to do that previously. We can make better use of some of the tools that we have like our segways and our bicycles," said Lt. Fink.

The first group went out on patrol with their trainers Sunday morning.

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