School Board decides to close a Price Hill elementary school

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - By a close vote of 4-3, the Cincinnati Public School Board of Education voted Monday night in favor of closing Quebec Heights Elementary on Ross Avenue in Price Hill. Board President Eve Bolton cast the deciding vote.

It was been a see-saw battle between the school board and those who have a vested interest in Quebec. Parents, community leaders and property owners who believe their home values will decline if there isn't a school in the neighborhood, showed up in force for the vote.

In the end, the school board decided it would be in the kids' best interest if they got their education in a different setting. Right now, students are attending a temporary school at the old Central Fairmount building on White Avenue. Beginning next school year, the younger children will attend either Reese E. Price or Carson Elementary. The older students will attend either Dater or Western Hills.

Quebec Heights sat at the back of the class in the Cincinnati Public school system. It was in academic emergency and was the lowest performing school in the district. Officials say moving the youngsters out of the failing school and into higher performing schools is a good opportunity for them.

On the other side the issue are those who wanted Quebec Heights to remain open. They say they were promised a new building, before the state of Ohio backed out on giving the district the funds. They also argue that adding their kids to other schools will only increase the overcrowding problem in those schools and lessen the amount of attention teachers can give their children.

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