Tri-State residents hope for economic solutions in State of the Union address

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Tuesday, President Obama is delivering his third State of the Union address. But there is no question, when it comes to the economy; the state of our union is not strong. FOX19 introduces you to some folks in the Tri-State who know that all too well.

David Wynn needs a job, and like a lot of people he says the pickings are slim and finding work isn't like it used to be.

"I'm trying to find work and it's very hard to do these days. When I was a younger man, you could walk across the street one day and get a job, come over here, put an application in and get another job the next day. You can't get that no more," he said.

Finding a decent paying job can be difficult, but for Bryant Mirick, the situation is terrible. Since being laid off after 15 years with same the company, he's lost three houses and doing his best to feed is very large family.

"I have 11 kids and I'm doing the best I can, and minimum wage, yeah, it went up, but what about the working man? What about the union man? What about the union jobs? Where are they at? The jobs that pay what Americans should be making?"

Dr. Gene Beaupre, a political science professor at Xavier University, knows the coming election all about the economy. While President Obama's State of the Union speech will no doubt focus on the economy, the question is, will it focus on answers.

"It comes down to how are things on my block? How are things in my family? Can I buy groceries? That sort of thing. He'll talk in general terms tonight about what he's gonna do to make all of that easier for people"

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