Fallout from Quebec Heights closing reaches across school district

WESTERN HILLS, OH (FOX19) - The Cincinnati Public School Board of Education's decision Monday to close Quebec Heights Elementary School in Price Hill is having a ripple effect district wide. The nearly 400 students from Quebec will have to be incorporated into the student bodies of two elementary and two high schools - namely, Rees E. Price, Carson, Gilbert Dater and Western Hills.

"I want to know if (teachers will)  be able to focus on all the students. That would be a very big concern as a parent," said Jamel Alford, whose daughter attends Dater.

"I feel that in come kind of way. If they are a little bit too overcrowded that some of the kids might be feeling or might be a little overlooked," said the mother of a child who attends Carson Elementary.

With Cincinnati voters turning thumbs down to the latest tax levy, the school district faces a $30 million deficit, and Quebec Heights might not be the last casualty.

"This is one of many decisions that we are going to be making that is going to be equally unpopular," said Board member Melanie Bates.

Over the next several months, the parents of the Quebec Heights students will be working out a new game plan on how to get the kids to their new school. They can choose between Reese E. Price and Carson.  The older kids can pick either Dater or Western Hills high schools to further their education.

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