Mason School District proposes closing an elementary school

MASON, OH (FOX19) - The Mason School District is considering closing an elementary school to save costs.

Either Mason Heights or Western Row Elementary Schools would be closed to consolidate schools.

"Consolidating schools from six to five devotes valuable (and diminishing) resources to students, not buildings," said Gail Kist-Kline, the Mason City Schools superintendent.

The proposal would save $600,000 per year in operating costs and avoid more than $1 million in costs for maintaining an older building.

"Everything is on the table. The board wants to be very open and look at all possibilities, and in the process of doing that we also want to hear from the public," said Kevin Wise, board president.

The District cut $6 million from the 2012 budget, which includes cutting busing and 53 staff positions. Teachers, non-union classified staff and administrators agreed to pay freezes for two years to avoid seeking an operating levy this year.

Parents are asked to take a survey about the District's proposal. The survey and  more information can be found here.

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