Hamilton Co. says it will pay fair price for Colerain Twp family home

HAMILTON COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - Hamilton County Commissioners say they want to be fair to a Colerain Township family whose home sits on property where the county wants to build an exit ramp from US 27.

Commissioners adopted a resolution on Wednesday, which calls for the county to pay John Langworthy fair market value for the property if the project is pursued.

Langworthy says he was initially approached by an appraiser who told him the county would only buy a portion of his front yard, but says he would only be interested if the county bought his entire one acre property.  He believes the project would seriously diminish his home's value.

"If they would take the front and wrap the road around the house and leave us in an island, it would be virtually unsellable I think," Langworthy said.

Langworthy also says the project involves more than just taking a little of his property.

"They want to take 15 feet of the front yard and cut down all the trees throughout here, cut the sidewalk back, cut the driveway back, it's a big project, they want to drop the road elevation two feet in front of the house," said Langworthy.

He has spent more than $100,000 over the years renovating his home so he wasn't pleased with the county's initial offer.

"I told them no they're not and they said yes they were and we battled back and forth on the phone, yes we are, no you're not," Langworthy said.

He then set up a sign in his front yard which reads: "Hamilton county wants to leave my family inside an exit ramp and take the front yard."  Langworthy also set up a website which he says generated a lot of public support.

Langworthy says all of the media attention led to the commissioner's resolution, but is skeptical that the county will pay him what he thinks the house is worth.  However, if he's not happy with the county's offer he can go to court and have a jury decide.

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