Full Statement from Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds Childcare is cooperating fully with Ludlow police and state officials investigating an abuse allegation against a former employee at its Ludlow facility and the daycare is taking action to ensure that such allegations do not occur in the future. 

On Wednesday, Ludlow police arrested Alicia Lyons, 20, on a charge of criminal abuse after being accused of securing a child to a mat at naptime with duct tape.  

This is an unfortunate, yet isolated incident. Management of the daycare facility said that such an act violates the company's written policy and training procedures.  The company is now purchasing video camera equipment for all three of its locations to prevent such acts in the future.

The alleged incident occurred more than a month ago, but the daycare center only recently learned about the allegation. Upon hearing the allegation, the daycare center management immediately investigated the matter. Lyons initially denied the allegation, but she admitted to the incident to the management of the daycare facility yesterday. 

Immediately after the admission yesterday, Mustard Seeds' management team terminated Lyons and reported the incident to Ludlow police. The company also self-reported the incident to the Kentucky Office of the Inspector General, the state office in charge of regulating daycare facilities.

Lyons had been an employee at daycare facility since Aug. 18, 2011. She passed all background checks required under state law. 

Lyons' alleged action violates the company's written policy regarding abuse and neglect, which all employees are required to sign when they are hired, according to company management. In addition, the management stated that the alleged action failed to follow the daycare's training procedures on how to deal with disruptive children. 

Mustard Seeds Childcare, which has been in business for three years, has daycare facilities in Ludlow, Covington, and Florence.