Sister of injured casino worker relieved at rescue

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A total of 13 people were taken to Cincinnati area hospitals following the collapse of the Horseshoe Casino construction project. As of Friday evening, 10 of the injured workers had been treated and released.

Most of the injured were taken to University Hospital, a level-one trauma center.  Hospital spokeswoman Diana Lara says, "Ten patients that were brought in either by ambulance or walk-ins...people drove them in from the scene. The injuries that we see are all related to the fall, broken bones and such, non life threatening."

But there were some anxious moments for relatives of the injured, like Karen Holland whose brother, Dan, was among those hurt.

Karen recalled those frantic moments, saying, "He called me.  Well first I heard from my sister and then my brother called me on the phone...very upset....told me he was at the hospital....didn't know what hospital...I said you need to find out so I can come...and he said...I said ask somebody and he did and then he said university and I said OK I'll be there...he was really upset."

Holland says she listened fearfully as her brother described his injuries. "I said are you hurt bad...he said, I'm hurting, but I don't think I'm that bad...they just did x-rays...and I headed this way."

Holland says she does a lot of praying for her brother's safety in a job that's fraught with danger. She also gives Kudos for the work of the first responders. "I'm glad everybody's OK Thanks to all the fire department EMS that helped....appreciate it...thank you."

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