Girl's grandmother testifies in Butler Co. rape trial

Alfredo Lopez Cruz
Alfredo Lopez Cruz

HAMILTON, OH (FOX19) - The trial against Alfredo Lopez Cruz, who is accused of raping a 9-year-old girl in 2005, resumed Tuesday morning.

Cruz was on the run for years before being captured in Mexico last September.

During testimony on Tuesday morning, the alleged victim's grandmother took the stand. She testified that her granddaughter ran home crying and saying that a man hurt her.

"She had some scratches and some blood on her face," said Mary Lakes, the alleged victim's grandmother. "She said that man hurt me and I said what man. She said Mario."

The grandmother went over to the home and confronted Cruz in the bedroom.

The girl's father also went over to Cruz's home with a gun. After a brief altercation between the father and Cruz, Cruz ran out of the bedroom naked and was not seen again after that.

A doctor who examined the little girl's body after the alleged crime also testified on Tuesday. He testified that the girl had some bruising and cuts on her cheeks, along will bruising to her vaginal area.

A retired Hamilton Police testified about the items collected at the scene, including the alleged victim's clothes, beer cans, and the girl's Precious Pearls bicycle. He also testified that he and other detectives searched throughout the Midwest for Cruz in 2005, including area surrounding Lima, Ohio, Louisville, Ky., and Nashville, Tenn.

The prosecution played the interview that detectives first had with Cruz after he was taken into custody.

Cruz said he was drinking heavily that day and recalls the 9-year old girl coming into his home wanting beer and pot. He said he remembers the girl being in his room but he passed out and he says he can't remember having sex with the alleged victim.

On Monday, a jury was seated, prosecutors and defense attorneys made their opening statement, then Cruz's alleged victim took the stand.

The alleged victim, who is now almost 16 years old, claims on June 19, 2005, Cruz kidnapped her while she was riding her bike near Sycamore St. in Hamilton, and took her inside of his home.

"I was like screaming and crying," she said.

"And when you were screaming and crying what did he do?" asked Butler County Assistant Prosecutor Jennifer McElfresh.

"He hit me in the face," she said.

"Did anything happen to your face when he hit it?" asked McElfresh.

"My nose started bleeding," she said.

The alleged victim says Cruz brought her up to a bedroom with two mattresses. She testified that Cruz forcibly took off her clothes before taking off his own clothes. He then allegedly raped her a total of four times in the bedroom and in the bathroom.

"What did you do?" asked McElfresh.

"I was just crying," she said.

The alleged victim testified Cruz had her drink beer and smoke a cigarette. He also had her write her name on his bedroom wall. During the alleged acts a second man came to the door of the bedroom. At that time the alleged victim testified was given orders to hide.

"He put me behind the door and told me to stay there and not to talk, and if I did he would kill me," she said.

The alleged victim was able to make her escape when Cruz fell asleep. She ran out of the house, naked, to her grandma's house across the street where she and her father were staying.

The defense also questioned the alleged victim and says her story is inconsistent.

"When all the evidence is in, what you're going to be left with is a story, that's it," said defense attorney Lawrence Hawkins III. "And despite all the efforts of law enforcement, you are not going to have evidence that is going to corroborate a charge of rape or kidnapping."

The trial resumes Wednesday at 8:30 am at the Butler County Courthouse.

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