January temps are a walk in the park

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Monday was an absolutely beautiful day in the Tri-State and even warmer weather in the forecast. Several people went outside to enjoy the sunshine and take advantage of this unseasonably warm weather.

"Lovely weather outside. I'm out here just enjoying the spectacular sun with my friends," said UC freshman, Eddie Smith.

"Its really nice," said classmate, Hirut Akalu.  "I wasn't expecting us to be able to play tennis on a day like today. Since its the end of January. Last year, there was no way I was playing tennis."

In January 2011 there was snow on the ground 23 of the 31 days in the month and many people were miserable.

"Freezing. It was terrible last year. I lived here on campus. It was still a terrible walk to class," said UC sophomore, Sierra Faler.

For January 2012 you would have to look hard to find any snow on the ground and as a bonus, warmer temperatures. If you liked Monday, Tuesday temperatures are expected to reach into the 60's.

"That's even better. Even better than today. I'm all for this weather. All for it," said Faler.

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