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Florence residents angered by new "Flynt Sexy Gifts" store

FLORENCE, KY (FOX19) - On January 20th , Jimmy Flynt opened his second "Flynt Sexy Gifts" location, it's in the heart of the Florence shopping district on Houston Rd.

The store is the first of its kind in the Boone County area.

"I don't want to see this here, they are going to need to get this out of here," said Becky Nipp, a Florence resident.

But Flynt Sexy Gifts isn't going anywhere. Florence City Manager, Rick Lunnemann says five years ago the Boone County Planning Commission and the City of Florence hired an expert to lay out a set of regulations, defining a sexually oriented business (SOB).

Flynt Sexy Gifts falls outside of the "sexually oriented business" parameters.

"They agreed not to sell any type of video product, pornography video product or any type of magazine or pictures or literatures,

Also, in order not be deemed a sexually oriented business the store must be open to all ages. City officials say so far the store has been compliant with city regulations.

"If at anytime we find they are violating the conditions of their approval, then obviously various steps would be undertaken to deal with the issue at that time," said Lunnemann.  

Store owner, Jimmy Flynt says there will be no issues.

"We have cleaned up our act so to speak, we don't have that Hustler connotation of political or outrageous humor," said Flynt. "This is a health sexual awareness model."

But is the store really appropriate for all ages?

"If a child walked in here, I'd probably say does your mother know you're here," said Flynt. 

Many Florence residents have concerns about young children seeing the word "sexy" in the name.  But Flynt is not concerned with the criticism his business is receiving.

"People that are not familiar with this business, they really shouldn't criticize it until they come visit and see what an operation I have," said Flynt. "Then they can make their decision, and they don't have to come in."


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