Area bars & sports apparel retailers profit from Super Bowl

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - An estimated 117 million viewers are expected to tune in to Super Bowl XLVI Sunday evening.

Even though the Giants-Patriots match up is being played in Indianapolis, the game is still providing an economic boost to local businesses.

Eric Koch of Koch Sporting Goods says business has been good the past week or so thanks to all the Giants and Patriots fans.

"We first sold out of probably a lot of our jerseys earlier this week. We sold out of t-shirts once, then twice. Everything that we had, mini helmets, hats, knit hats, sweatshirts, everything it's been going," Koch said.

He says Giants merchandise has been leading in sales.

"I think it's because people are kind of tired of the whole Tom Brady Patriots thing from five years ago when they went to the Super Bowl every year," said Koch.

Willie's sports bar in Covington will have its share of Giants and Patriot fans.  Bartender Del Meadows says they won't be as busy as a Bengals home game.

"It'll be kind of a moderate crowd. I think a lot of people have super bowl parties, apt to having like family deals and stuff like that, but it'll be a decent crowd," said Del Meadows.

Fans like David Taylor are taking the outcome of the game personally.

"The Giants because I'm rooting for anybody that's playing against Chad Ochocinco. He left the Bengals, he broke my heart," said Taylor.

Media experts say a record number of viewers will be tweeting and posting to Facebook their Super Bowl experience with a social network that extends far beyond their living room couch.

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