Jobless among those protesting Kasich's speech

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - As Ohio Governor John Kasich delivered his state of the state address Tuesday in Steubenville, Ohio, a small group of people gathered outside Cincinnati City Hall to protest.

Among them was Nathaniel Lane, a Cincinnati electrician and single father, who told FOX19 he has had only sporadic work for the last few years, most recently getting laid off after only 5 1/2 months. "Just enough to not qualify for unemployment, which would be a lifesaver right now," he said.

His 9 year-old daughter attends Cincinnati Public Schools, where she likes her classes, and stays after school for homework help and a hot meal.  Lane says he is passionate about his daughter getting a good education, and was frustrated that Governor Kasich was highlighting an elementary school in Steubenville, while he says his daughter's school badly needs basic improvements like an upgraded power grid to fully support things like much-needed air conditioning and computers for the student body.

Gov. Kasich addressed the issue of payment to doctors and how it needs to be reformed, "P&G and General Electric and the companies down in Cincinnati have gotten together On payment reform, to have outcome based medicine. Think about this. Right now we pay people (physicians) based on how many 'in the door' and how many 'out the door.' That's not how we should pay them. We should pay them on the basis of their outcome."

Lane and his daughter have no health insurance right now.  He said he thinks it is sad, that generations now don't necessarily have it better than, or even as good as, their parents did, even though many are more educated, "I'm just finding odd jobs here and there, trying to make ends meet. I raise my daughter by myself, full time, and it's extremely difficult."

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