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Warrant alleges ex-Clermont commish paid for sex with pills

Archie Wilson Archie Wilson
Amanda Lay (Source: Kenton County Detention Center) Amanda Lay (Source: Kenton County Detention Center)
Amanda Lay (Source: Kenton County Detention Center) Amanda Lay (Source: Kenton County Detention Center)

A misdemeanor warrant has been issued for former Clermont County commissioner Archie Wilson, accusing him of paying for sex with drugs.

Multiple sources have told FOX19 that last summer, Amanda Lay, 26, was in the Clermont County Jail when she saw a newspaper photo of Archie Wilson and told authorities that he was the man who had paid her money to perform sexual acts with him.

Lay said that Wilson would call her on her cell phone and he'd pick her up at a designated location. They would then go to several motels in Northern Kentucky, where he'd bring drugs with him in addition to money for her to have sex with him.

Wilson would pay for the room and she'd get it under a name on a fake ID.

Our sources say a motel clerk confirmed that Wilson and the woman had indeed rented motel rooms there as the clerk had written down Wilson's license plate number. When authorities ran it, it came back to Midwestwern Plumbing, a business Wilson is part owner of.

Sources have also told us that law enforcement authorities in Northern Kentucky have activities that happened in the motel room recorded.

Sources have told FOX19 that the warrant, issued by Kentucky State Police on Feb. 3, is a misdemeanor warrant because it was a small amount of drugs.  

Clermont County Sheriff A.J. Rodenberg issued the following statement: "I have been receiving some media inquiries about former County Commissioner Archie Wilson's alleged conduct that occurred in Northern Kentucky.  I am not going to comment about any specifics of that case at this time since it is not ours and is in the hands of KY authorities.  Any information regarding it should, therefore, come from them and not me.  It is my understanding that the prosecuting attorney in Northern KY has stated that until a warrant is actually served, he will not be releasing anything regarding the case to the media or public.  Since it is his case I believe his position concerning disclosure of case information should be respected."

Wilson was Clermont County's newest commissioner. He began his term January 2011. Last week, Wilson resigned from the Board of Clermont County Commissioners, saying that the decision was based on his physician's advice. Former assistant Clermont County Prosecutor Thomas Blust was named as the interim county commissioner.

FOX19 went to Archie Wilson's home in Clermont County to get his side of the story, but no one answered the door.

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