Clermont County citizens host Asian Longhorned Beetle Town Hall

Nearly 200 people filled Bethel-Tate High School to hear from the Bethel ALB Citizens' Cooperative on the current ALB infestation in Clermont County.

The cooperative is a grassroots advocacy group dedicated to preserving healthy, non-infested trees.

Since November, the United States Department of Agriculture has been cutting thousands of infected trees with ALB.

The USDA is also working on an Environmental Assessment to determine if it should also cut all healthy host trees within a half mile radius of an infected tree.

"This just isn't the 88 homeowners that got notices from the ODA [Ohio Department of Agriculture] a few months ago. This is everybody in this township, it's a lot bigger than just a few homes," says cooperative member Doug Simmons.

The USDA was invited to the meeting but did not send a representative. It is expected to release it's assessment mid-Spring.

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