Cincinnati Museum Center asks again for tax levy renovations

The Cincinnati Museum Center is asking Hamilton County tax payers to support a $141 million levy for a long term repair and renovation of its building.

The museum center asked Hamilton County Commissioners to put the tax levy on last November's ballot and it was denied.

Now it is asking again and commissioners are still opposed.

"I think it's a great building, I think it's an important asset to the community but given the financial situations that we have with the stadiums we can't add something else onto it," says Commissioner Chris Monzel.

Monzel encourages the museum center to collect enough signatures to force the issue on the ballot but the museum center says it will continue to work with the county through the tax levy review process.

"The needs of the building still exist, the building is a national historic landmark, its got a national award winning museum inside of it, it is historically significant, it's a great asset for our community," says Elizabeth Pierce with the museum center.

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