FOX 19 Solves Woman's High Cinergy Bill

Eunice Washington runs a day-care business at her home. I

t's a modest business with a modest income. So when Eunice got this Cinergy bill in the mail for nearly a thousand bucks she almost fell down!

"No. I can't afford to pay that," said told FOX 19 Consumer Reporter Tom Sussi.

And Eunice doesn't feel she should.

Here's why. On November 7th, Eunice moved out of the house she was renting on Fergus Street, and into a house Donahue Street. A receipt shows Eunice paid rent on Donahue Street that same day.

During that time, Eunice says she called Cinergy and told them to disconnect service on Fergus Street. That's why she was surprised when she got a bill in January for $970.37.

Cinergy wrote Eunice a letter, explaining they couldn't get access into the building to turn off service. So, the meter kept running.

Turns out, the building on Fergus Street went into foreclosure and nobody was around.

That's when Eunice called FOX 19 for help.

"I didn't know who else to turn to I don't have a money tree."

FOX 19 contacted Kathy Meinke of Cinergy's Public Relations Department.

"We pro-rated that account and the bill to the point when she requested the service be disconnected," Meinke said..

Now it was time to share the good news with Eunice.

"You don't know how good that makes me feel," she said.

Problem Solved!

If you have questions about your Cinergy bill, call (513) 421-9500.