Local Congressman's son arrested

Brandon Chabot (Source: Oxford Police)
Brandon Chabot (Source: Oxford Police)

OXFORD, OH (FOX19) - The son of a local congressman has been arrested for breaking and entering, disorderly conduct and making a false alarm.

Brandon "Randy" Chabot, son of U.S. Rep. Steve Chabot, was arrested early Sunday morning near McCullough Hyde Annex on Morningside Road, according to Oxford Police.

"As he approached they could smell alcohol on his person and when they spoke to him the smelled it on his breath," said Sgt. Jon Varley. "He also was unsteady on his feet."

According to police, Chabot told the officers he worked at the medical building and said he didn't pull the alarm.

But when a McCoullough-Hyde employee showed up, he said Chabot was not an employee. Plus police took a closer look at the broken panels of glass on the side door.

"The prints on the window pain appeared to be the same pattern as the shoes that he was wearing," said Varley.

Randy's father, U.S. Rep. Steve Chabot is up for re-election this year.

"Someone would be at great risk if they were running against him at this point and tried to use this against him," said Gene Beaupre, Director of Government Relations at Xavier University. "That's how strong I think his support is in the community."

Congressman Chabot released a statement, "Every family faces challenges at times. Ours is no different. He's our son and we love him."

Oxford police say this case is no different than what they deal with several times per year.

"An individual who is intoxicated, either enters a business to seek shelter from the weather or doesn't realize where they are at or what they are doing," said Varley.

Randy Chabot told police he was confused about where he was.

Chabot was held at the Butler County Jail for a short time before posting bail. The breaking and entering felony charge potentially carries a six-month to one-year prison sentence.

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