Fountain Square filled with love for National Make-out Session

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The air will be filled with love in Fountain Square on Thursday for The First National Make-out Session.

"It's about spreading love," said Shawn Blagg, the man behind the event.

Blagg, a local bartender, says he wants to spread love in the midst of all the hatred in the world.

"There is a lot of anger and hatred being put out there right now. I wanted to do something that can draw people together, if at least for one day," said Blagg.

Fountain Square will serve as a common meeting place for anyone who wishes to participate. Several local deejays will be providing music all day long.

Blagg said to participate, there are three steps:

  1. Find a partner. Your spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, or anybody who also wants to participate.
  2. Go out in public. This can be any public space, like a park or mall or even the sidewalk in front of your home.
  3. Proceed to kiss.

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