School board discusses phase II of proposed cuts for Lakota schools

LIBERTY TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - The Lakota Local Schools Board of Education met Monday night to hear proposals to trim from the budgets of the four junior highs and two high schools in the district.

It is all part of a $9 million budget cut package in the state of Ohio's seventh largest school district.

Some of the recommendations include the elimination of about 68 teaching positions, 25 at the junior highs and 43 at the high schools. This is expected to save the district about $4.3 million.

"Its a tough situation that (the school board) is in. You don't want to see teachers cut," said Lakota parent Donna Langhorst.

Teachers' case loads will also be maximized and no class would have less than 20 students. The school day will be reduced by 30 minutes and there would be a recommendation to approve the state physical education wavier. This allows any student involved in two full season of sports, cheerleading or band to elect not to take P. E. classes.

"We have no choice," said Lakota Local Schools Superintendent Karen Mantia. "If we don't take action we will run out of money in two years."

The school board will review proposals to cut its elementary schools budgets at a meeting on Feb. 23.

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