Former commissioner may face more charges

Archie Wilson
Archie Wilson
Archie Wilson waits for his arraignment Tuesday morning
Archie Wilson waits for his arraignment Tuesday morning
Archie Wilson leaves the Kenton County courthouse on Tuesday
Archie Wilson leaves the Kenton County courthouse on Tuesday

CLERMONT COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - Former Clermont County commissioner Archie Wilson pled not guilty to sex and drug charges during an arraignment on Tuesday morning.

FOX19 News first reported last Tuesday that a warrant was issued for Wilson. He's accused of paying prostitutes for sex with drugs. The Kentucky State Police started investigating Wilson last summer and finished their investigation in October. When the warrants were issued Feb. 3, Wilson was allegedly in a treatment facility in Georgia.

Wilson is facing two charges, both misdemeanors, of Soliciting Prostitution and Trafficking in a Controlled Substance.

Wilson has been remanded to appear in court again on March 15 at 9:30 a.m.

"He was set for a Pre-Trial conference on March 15th. At that conference we'll set a trial date if he pleads 'Not Guilty' and continues to plead 'Not Guilty,'" said Stacy Tapke, Assistant Kenton County Attorney. When asked if she expects Wilson to plead guilty she said, "I have no information at this point."

FOX19 News went to Wilson's home in Clermont County to attempt again to get Wilson's side of the story. Several attempts were made last week. No one answered the door on any of the occasions.

Wilson and his attorney told a group of reporters following Wilson after his court appearance on Tuesday, "shame on you."

FOX19 has learned that there's now a possibility that Wilson will be charged in Clermont County. According to Clermont County Prosecutor Don White, Wilson is now being investigated for the type and amount of prescription drugs he allegedly supplied to Amanda Lay, the woman he's accused of giving drugs to in exchange for sex.

"We know that she violated the terms of her probation in August and she had what's known as a dirty drug screen so she was violated and ended up going to prison," said White. "And we know what the drug was. We might find that the same type of drugs that she was found using in August of this past year may be the same drugs that he was prescribed and was using here in Clermont County. If that happens then we're going to look at the possibility of prosecution."

That prosecution, if it happens, would be for felonies. Neither of Wilson's attorneys had any comment Tuesday.

FOX19 legal analyst Mike Allen does not think Wilson will get jail time.

"For a first time offender as Mr. Wilson is it's almost always probation or even a fine or court cost. However, he has an additional charge so the combined total he's looking at on both it's my understanding is 15 months. The normal case is that they're almost always granted probation but again, there's always a chance," said Allen.

Wilson was Clermont County's newest commissioner, beginning his term in January 2011. He resigned earlier this year, saying the decision was based on his physician's advice.

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