Woman finds love after donating kidney

LEBANON, OH (FOX19) - Organ donation is crossing the lines beyond family and complete strangers are helping each other save lives.

A Lebanon woman even found love as she recovered from donating a kidney.

Ann Loreaux offered her kidney to her match in Boston.

"I called an offered my kidney because I knew whoever would get it would be somebody's dad, co-worker," said Ann.

Her recipient, Brian, is now like a brother to Ann, sharing his second chance at life with her.

For the routine surgery, Ann consulted with Dr. Steve Woodle, the Director of Transplantation at U.C. Hospital.

"They get two to three incisions, recovery time is faster," said Woodle.

The faster recovery time helped Ann, 54, fall in love.

While in the hospital, a fellow church member, Bob Loreaux, came by to visit and the two were instant friends.

"I thought about him when I went to sleep at night," said Ann. "I was in love. It became very obvious."

"I didn't get the chance to talk...she likes to talk," said Bob.

Engaged and married about six months later, the Loreauxs now live in Lebanon, sharing a life together to Ann's ability to donate.@

"I donated a kidney and I got a heart in return," said Ann.

Ann and Bob were married last July and are celebrating their first Valentine's Day together as husband and wife.

University Hospital, where Ann had her surgery, surpasses the national average for successful transplant surgeries.

Nationally, there are about 113,000 people waiting for organs.