Deck Builder Dupes Customer

Brian Neff says the man he hired to build a deck is "one large

rat that needs to be exposed."

Here's why.

Last June, Neff hired Richard Perrmann to build a deck on the back of his house in Liberty Township. Brian says he and his family wanted to enjoy their backyard, and its critters.

"The deer. Squirrels."

According to the contract, the job cost nearly $4,000. Brian gave Perrmann $1,500 the day they signed the contract. And two weeks later, when Perrmann returned to dig holes for footers, Brian forked out another $700.

Eight months and $2,200 later, all Brian has to show for his money are holes.

"I'm looking at holes with gravel in them," he told FOX 19 Consumer Reporter Tom Sussi.

During this time, Brian says all he's gotten from Perrman are excuses. And that's why he called FOX 19.

"He needs to be exposed."

Yes, he does.

FOX 19 caught up with Richard Perrmann at the Hamilton County Court House where he was accused of writing a bad check.

"You know Brian Neff," Sussi said to Perrmann. "Not off hand," Perrmann said. "You did a deck job for him. Remember? Why didn't you finish the job? He wants his money back. He gave you over $2,000. You going to finish the deck?"

Perrmann walked away from our camera, but later told FOX 19 he made plans to finish the deck this spring. Brian Neff says it's another lie, and hasn't heard from Perrmann in months.

Richard Perrmann. Grab a bone. You sir, are in the Tell, Tom Dog House!

As for Brian Neff, if there's any deck builders out there you want to help him, please contact Tell, Tom.