Kao to move headquarters to Downtown Cincinnati

Governor John Kasich was in Cincinnati on Tuesday as part of an announcement that a beauty care company is moving their headquarters downtown.

Kasich made the announcement at the Carew Tower. Kao USA, whose headquarters is currently located in Camp Washington at 2535 Spring Grove Ave., is planning on moving its 200 employees to a location in Downtown Cincinnati.

Additionally, Kao will continue to invest in the research center in the Camp Washington location, adding about 50 jobs.

Kasich was there to promote the expansion of the company as part of his JobsOhio program.

"You can see, Ohio is really beginning to percolate and to grow and instead of losing jobs we're creating jobs and getting companies to expand and so it's good," said the governor. "We have a long way to go, we were in a deep hole but we're starting to come out of that hole."

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