St. Bernard community on alert for scrap metal thieves

Stealing metal for money is nothing new but the crime is hitting a little too close to home for residents in St. Bernard.

Police are even asking for help from citizens to report any suspicious behavior.

"We put the information out there if you see something say something," says officer Derek Setters.

"Just speak up, if something doesn't feel right just speak up," says Kathy Wuebben.

Wuebben is a member of St. Bernard's Block Watch, a neighborhood effort to keep a watchful eye of the community.

"It's an extra set of eyes and ears for us. They're out in the community and we can't be on every street all the time," says Setters.

St. Bernard police are currently investigating a string of thefts and burglaries. Many involve stealing some type of scrap metal and occurred within a two mile radius of the police department.

"I think the burglaries and thefts and things go along with the state of the economy right now, people being out of jobs there's a lot more vacant houses now then there was several years ago," says Setters.

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