Clermont County Republicans move on without Archie Wilson

Archie Wilson
Archie Wilson

BATAVIA, OH (FOX19) - The Clermont County Republican Party met Wednesday night to discuss its strategy for the upcoming election but Chairman Tim Rudd found himself being asked questions prior to the meeting about embattled former Clermont County Commissioner Archie Wilson.

Wilson is facing charges in Kenton County for paying prostitutes for sex with drugs.

When FOX19 asked Rudd about his decision to endorse Wilson for office in 2010 he said, "I spoke to people who he served with Batavia, I spoke with business leaders in the county, I spoke to people who personally knew Archie. I think the alleged activities came as a shock to all of them. There was never anything brought to me in any way, shape or form as chairman that would lead me to believe that any of these activities would happen."

He added, "former Commissioner Wilson did admit even during the endorsement meeting to the committee that he was a recovering alcoholic and that he did have a temper he could lose at times but never, not from any single person did I hear anything that would come close to what's been alleged."

Rudd said he was in total shock over the allegations and when asked what he would say to Mr. Wilson now that the allegations have surfaced, Rudd said, "I really don't have much to say to Mr. Wilson right now."

The Kentucky State Police started investigating Wilson last summer and finished their investigation in October. When the warrants were issued Feb. 3, Wilson was allegedly in a treatment facility in Georgia.

Wilson is facing two charges, both misdemeanors, of Soliciting Prostitution and Trafficking in a Controlled Substance.

The Committee will vote March 14 on who will replace Wilson on an interim basis until the November election.

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