Middletown murder still affecting community 9 months later

MIDDLETOWN, OH (FOX19) - The case against Victor Gantt, 25,  is moving forward in Butler County less than a year after he was arrested for a gruesome and random murder on an elderly man.

On May 2, 2011, police say Gantt was going door to door in a quiet Middletown neighborhood asking to use the bathroom. When 75-year old Leroy Jones answered the door, police say Gantt hit Jones over the head, killing him.

Gantt is charged with murder, and his trial is set to begin Tuesday.

Meanwhile, residents on Brentwood St. in Middletown where the crime took place are still shaken.

"He was a very friendly guy, he had never met a stranger, he or his wife," said Clayton Irvin. "They'd come out and shake your hand and he would show you what he made in his garage."

Irvin says the murder scared many people. That's evident on Brentwood St. where for sale signs adorn several yards.

Irvin says those signs started going up shortly after Jones was murdered.

"It kind of got to all of us around here," said Irvin.

If convicted, Gantt faces the death penalty.

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