Parents excited as Milford student moves to Top 40 on American Idol

Eben Christian
Eben Christian

(FOX19) - A Milford High School student is continuing to the Top 40 on American Idol, and his parents couldn't be happier.

Eben Christian, 15, and his group blew the judges away with their rendition of Bobby Vee's "The Night Has a Thousand Eyes." All four members of his group are going to the next round of performances, which will air next Wednesday on FOX19.

Stephanie and Joe Franckewitz can't help but beam with joy as they watch their oldest son shine on American Idol.

Eben beat out tens of thousands of singers in Pittsburgh at his first audition last summer. He beat hundreds more during the first round in Hollywood. And on Wednesday, he fought through the group rounds. Mom and dad said it gets tougher and tougher to stomach through each round.

"More nervous {now,}" said Stephanie Franckewitz. "The level of talent surrounding him is so... I can't even describe how great these people are."

Eben's parents said they knew 13 years ago that Eben had "it." You know. "it" is that star quality that you can't define. They said Eben would sing songs in the backseat of the family car, and when he was just six, he and his brother started acting in church plays.

"They loved it," said Stephanie Franckewitz. "They just loved going on stage and being a part of it all so that's where it all started at Faith Church."

Mom and dad said they remember the Pittsburgh audition like it was yesterday. In reality, it was almost six months ago. They said it was a tough secret to keep. Now, they said they watch the show just like we do: while on the edge of their seats.

"Well, the last show that aired, eight minutes before it came on, I put a post on my Facebook," said Stephanie Franckewitz. "I said break out the Pepto Bismol. Cause it is just nerve wracking. You never know if he's even going to be on."

"I'm getting to that age bracket where I'm starting to get teary eyed about things," said Joe Franckewitz.

Today, both of them thank God for Eben's chance to make it closer and closer to the finals on Idol, but say until then life at home is the same as it ever was.

"It's a normal life," said Stephanie Franckewitz. "It's a normal life."

A normal life, which includes putting their faith first.

Eben and his parents are quick to thank the Lord for Eben's ability. Clearly the talent runs in the family. His father once sang and played drums, and mom once acted. Both of them still said that Eben's voice comes from above. Mom and dad also told Fox19 that yes, if they're honest, they do worry that the glitz and glamour of Hollywood could tarnish their son's bright morals.

"Yeah. It's been a fear, but Eben is solid," said Stephanie Franckewitz. "He's going to make his choices. We've taught him well and I think as long as he stays grounded and does what the Lord would have him to do, I think he'll make the right choices."

For now, Eben's parents can't help but dream that the Tri-state's Idol Hopeful makes it to the stars.

"My dream is for him to win American Idol," said Joe Franckewitz. "To take his talent and allow people to hear his voice as far as God wants him to go."