Romney looks to Tri-state for support

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney made a few campaign stops in the Queen City Monday.

Along with Ohio Senator Rob Portman, Romney stopped in Newtown to talk with employees at Meridian Bioscience.

"You want someone leading the country who knows Washington does not create jobs but Washington creates the climate for job growth then Mitt Romney is your man," said Portman.

Romney tried to not only distance himself from the president but he made it very clear his approach to business and government is the best way to fix the economy and create jobs.

"In my view the president will take us down a path with larger and larger government, more and more intrusive in free enterprise and in free lives," said Romney.

"I want to make the government smaller and allow free individuals and free enterprises to thrive."

Romney also spent time raising money for his campaign at a private fundraiser at Great American Tower.

During the event, about three dozen protestors took time to refute Romney's campaign promises.

"He's out for the one percent. He cares about taking care of corporate America, the wealthiest," said Doug Sizemore with local AFL-CIO.

"His vision is to be sure to take care of them and not worry about anybody else."

In the latest Ohio polls, Romney is second behind Rick Santorum. He's also slipping in the national polls.

In the latest Gallup Poll, Rick Santorum is the leading candidate with support from 36 percent of voters. Romney has 28 percent.

The survey was conducted last week which was more than a week after Santorum snatched a trio of victories in Missouri, Colorado and Minnesota.

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