Hamilton Co. intersections can be dangerous even without any snow

HAMILTON COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - An accident analysis calls the intersection of Colerain and Galbraith is the second most dangerous intersection in Hamilton County. There are several reasons, but a lot of it has to do with impatient motorists.

"You got to keep your head on a swivel, that's for sure, because with the people trying to beat the lights They get frustrated because traffic does back up and you only get so many opportunities to come through here and make the light and stay on schedule," said Bret Schnieber, a motorist.

Intersections can be even more dangerous for pedestrians.

"I've seen people go the wrong way and I've seen lots of wrecks and people ride right over the median. It's hard to get across the street and it's just really congested," said Dante Holland, a pedestrian.

Based on a 2010 accident analysis, Springdale and Colerain is the most dangerous intersection with 41 accidents. The intersection of Galbraith and Colerain comes in a close second with 39 accidents.

Hamilton County engineer Ted Hubbard says plans are underway to get motorists through intersections faster.

"Delay causes motorists to take risks that they might not otherwise take so if we can reduce the delay that people experience when they're sitting at an intersections, we've got a good shot at…reducing accidents," said Hubbard.

At Five Mile and Beechmont, plans call for building a continuous flow intersection. Traffic intending to turn left is actually directed across the opposite lane of traffic into a lane which bypasses the intersection.

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