How are Republican presidential candidates faring in Ohio?

(FOX19) - This primary season, the polls, caucuses, and pundits have bounced around, favoring one Republican presidential candidate one day, and another the next.

During a campaign visit to Newtown on Monday, Mitt Romney told voters that Ohio often decides who the president is.

But neither Romney, nor his fellow candidates, have had success in getting a majority of Ohio voters squarely into their camps.

Associate professor of political science, Mack Mariani, says there is so much at stake and the candidates are so different, voters may be feeling overwhelmed and fickle.

"They're going from one candidate to another," said Mariani. "They're not happy with Romney. I think his support has so far proven to be very thin - it's broad, but it's thin. So they're looking around and saying 'what else is out there?"

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted tweeted Monday that the most notable thing about the Ohio primary so far is voter turnout is very light. Hamilton County voters and those beyond have been reluctant to commit to any candidate.

The county's Republican party chair has met Gingrich, Santorum and Romney. He says all three have what it takes to win. And he's watching along with the rest of us to see who Ohioans end up backing.

"This thing has changed so often. The frontrunner has changed so often and the pundits have been so wrong up to this point that it's just hard to know who's going to be the next leader," said Alex Triantifilou, Hamilton County Republican party chair.

Professor Mariani says a lack of campaign spending in Ohio may be due to the fact that the race here is anyone's to win, so candidates don't feel comfortable spending their precious campaign dollars just yet.

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