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Simply Money: Debt consolidating tips


By Nathan Bachrach

The problem with debt consolidation is that there are some really shady companies out there, posing as non-profits.

Many are honest, but not all.  

To play it safe before you go with a loan company, I suggest you talk to somebody at a credit union.  

Credit unions tend to be smaller than banks, and are often more willing to help people both with perfect—and less-than-perfect credit histories. They could give you some options for consolidating that debt.

Another idea for you is using the "debt snowball" approach.

That's where you list debts from smallest to largest, and pay the minimum payment on all the debts except the smallest.

Pay that one off first.

Then take the minimum payment on the next smallest debt, plus what you would have paid towards the one you just paid off—and put that toward the debt you're tackling next! 

Then you continue until you've paid off all three cards.

Now, if you're falling behind on your payments and you're racking up late fees and high interest rates, you should find a good counselor at a reputable non-profit agency. To find an agency, visit the National Foundation for Consumer Credit Counseling here -

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