Just in time for Lent:: Frisch's lets you replace ham sandwich with clam sandwich

Frisch's Big Boy Restaurants are serving up two special sandwiches – a shrimp po'boy and a clam strip po'boy, beginning Ash Wednesday (the 22nd) and running through the 47-day Lenten season that concludes on Easter Sunday, April 8. The special po'boy offerings compliment Frisch's ever-popular fish sandwich.

The beer-battered shrimp and clam strip po'boys are reminiscent of similar New Orleans-style sandwiches. Served on a Frisch's-made crusty long roll, the po'boy sandwiches are served with a spicy remoulade sauce and shredded lettuce, all topped with slices of tomato for $5.50 each.

The classic fish sandwich is Frisch's best-selling sandwich year round, second only to the restaurant chain's classic Big Boy double-decker hamburger.

"Our fish sandwich is really special, a hall of famer," says Karen Maier, vice president of marketing for the 3-state chain based in Walnut Hills.  "During the Lenten season, it's even more popular.  We're confident our limited time beer battered shrimp and clam po'boys can hold their own with our Lenten offerings which also include grilled cheese sandwiches, tuna salad and mac 'n' cheese."

Made of Pacific cod fillets that are hand cut, hand breaded and golden fried, the fish fillet is served on a toasted white or rye bun, or rye bread, with lettuce and the same famous tartar sauce Frisch's started selling 46 years ago.

Frisch's annually serves more than 421 tons of breaded cod to its customers. Laid end-to-end, its fish fillets would stretch across the length of nearly 3,000 football fields, or the 171 mile distance between the Frisch's restaurants in Blue Ash and Bowling Green, Ohio.

Maier says Frisch's busiest days during Lent are Ash Wednesday and the first Friday of the season. Lent traffic peaks again on Good Friday.

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