Argument over gambling prowess leads to ear being bitten off

A drunken argument over who was the better gambler led to a Clermont County man being arrested Sunday for biting off much of another man's ear.

Greendale Police say the two were part of a large party in several rooms at the Quality Inn, and were drunk when they got into an argument about who was the better gambler.  It turned into a physical fight, which ended with Donald Talbott biting off a large part of Jacob Kerola's ear.

Talbott was taken to the Dearborn County Jail in Lawrenceburg.  He was charged with 2 felony count of battery resulting in injury, and 2 counts of disorderly conduct.  He was still in the jail as of Wednesday.  Talbott is from the Summerside area of Union Township, Clermont County.

Kerola was taken to Dearborn County Hospital in Lawrenceburg, and then was transferred to University Hospital in Cincinnati for plastic surgery to try to reattach parts of the ear.

A Greendale police officer on duty Wednesday hadn't heard whether the surgery worked.

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