Vote for biz financing postponed after tax investigation

The vote on whether to approve financing help for a new Banks business has been postponed.

Thursday, the city council was supposed to vote on whether or not to approve a $684,000 grant and $300,000 loan for a new location of Mahogany's soul food restaurant.

Wednesday, FOX19 uncovered that the business' owners had thousands in unpaid property taxes due in Butler County.

After inquiry to Mahogany's about the property taxes, the owner released a statement saying they'd paid the taxes.

Councilmembers say they need more time to decide how best to move forward.

They've been told it will be back on the agenda next week.

County Auditor Dusty Rhodes took to Twitter with his comments:

"Soul food restaurant owner paid 2 years of past due taxes in Butler County yesterday. Said she "never got the bills". The universal excuse."

"Warm and fuzzy to know the City of Cincinnati is throwing almost a million bucks at a business owner who didn't get her tax bills."

"Paying your taxes on time is apparently not required to be one of the Enquirer's "20 of the Greatest Professional Women". Nice."

"If you were the City Administration would you admit you didn't know about past due taxes owed by a prospective grantee ..or would you make up a story about "wanting to be inclusive" or say something about changing the "status quo"? Just askin'..."

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