Apartment complex using dog DNA to crack down on waste

WEST CHESTER, OH (FOX19) - An apartment complex in West Chester has a unique way to see who is leaving their dog waste on the grounds of their property.

The Lakes at West Chester Village sent a letter to their residents asking them to submit their dog for swabbing of the inner gum. The DNA sample obtained by this swab will then be forwarded to a BioPet lab.

The DNA samples will then be used to identify unclaimed dog waste left on the grounds of the property at The Lakes. If an owner is found to be a resident of The Lakes at West Chester Village, they will be fined $200.

"If the fine seems hefty," said property manager Jill Moorman in a letter to tenants, "there is a simple solution in order to avert he expense----PICK UP AFTER YOUR PET AS YOU AGREED TO DO UPON SIGNING YOUR PET ADDENDUM."

The apartment complex says that they are allowed to do this because of the lease contract residents sign at the apartment complex.

"We are trying to hold irresponsible pet owners accountable," said Moorman. "They say that the lease lets them incorporate new rules that benefit the health and safety aspects of the residents and the introduction of this program accomplishes that standard."

The dog's DNA will also be on permanent file at the  providing positive "proof of ownership" and will receive a lifetime membership in the "DNA World Pet Registry," that will allow owners a place to store and manage their dog's health and care records.

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