Prosecution plays taped confession of Middletown murderer

HAMILTON, OH (FOX19) - On Thursday, the prosecution played a 27-minute video showing 26-year-old Victor Gantt confessing that he killed 75-year-old Leroy Jones of Middletown.

Police interviewed Gantt the day after Jones was found brutally murdered in his Middletown home on May 2, 2011.

"I hit him one time with the axe in the eye or something and he kept swinging so I just hit him again in his head and the dude just slid down the wall," said Gantt in the taped interview with Middletown Police detectives.

Gantt confessed to hitting Jones 4 to 5 times with a hand axe after he broke into the Jones' home early in the morning and was confronted by Jones who was armed with a baseball bat.

"He hit me on this shoulder, then the other shoulder, then he hit me in my head," said Gantt.

According to police Gantt only sustained a small cut on his head, but Gantt says he felt threatened enough by the 75-year-old man to fight back.

Gantt also confessed to trying to burn the house down to get rid of any evidence.

The prosecution also called multiple witnesses to the stand who testified to Gantt's whereabouts after the crime. He went to a Speedway Gas station in Middletown and confronted Carrie Harpist, a Middletown resident, to ask for a ride.

"His head was kind of bloody," said Harpist. "I don't know if it was his blood or whatever but his hands were too because he had brushed his hands. At this point I was really nervous."

Middletown Police asked Gantt in the taped interview how he felt that Jones was dead, Gantt responded, "It sucks. It could have been me, he could have killed me."

On Friday morning the jury will get the case and could reach a verdict.  The sentencing phase begins on Monday, and Victor Gantt could be sentenced to the death penalty.