Ex-Comair employees losing unemployment benefits

ERLANGER, KY (FOX19) - More than 100 former Comair employees are being told to say goodbye to their unemployment benefits.

When Delta downsized in September 2010, nearly 150 workers with Comair, a partner company, accepted buyouts. On top of severance packages, they also collected unemployment from the state of Kentucky. That is until recently, when those workers received a letter saying they are no longer entitled to unemployment benefits.

The state of Kentucky says that the workers who accepted buyouts on their contracts voluntarily quit. Now, the workers are being asked to return the money they received from unemployment over the last several months.

In many states, including Kentucky, an employee has to be either fired or unvoulentarily let go to received unemployment benefits. FOX19 spoke to unemployment lawyers who say that voluntarily taking a buyout is a gray area and these employees could have a case.

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