Timeline for Keller's IGA renovation and re-opening expected soon

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Clifton area residents frustrated at not having a local grocery store for more than a year could be getting some welcome news soon.

Steve Goessling who bought the struggling Keller's IGA last year says, "We're very much looking forward to the big announcement we're planning on being able to make next week."

Goessling says he's been feeling the pressure to re-open the store amid constant delays which are driving up his costs. "This store required a lot more renovations than we originally anticipated. Ultimately there were some abatement issues that we had, contaminated asbestos and mastic and that sort of stuff, that's all been resolved."

David Turner has lived in Clifton for ten years and says he's frustrated by the delay.

"This community is under blight and its depreciating everyday because of this hole," he said.

Turner says Goessling could open the store a lot sooner if he would simplify his renovation plans. "What I do care about is that we have a place that we can go to that is open and stocked so that we can do our daily shopping rather than having to pay extra money for taxi rides or bus fares."

Mike Anagnostou who runs Ludlow Wines store says having a local grocery store increases foot traffic in the neighborhood.  "You don't need an automobile to get all the basics. You have a hardware store, a pharmacy and we had a grocery store....all within two blocks of each other."

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