Police: Suspect shot by police in Westwood was not armed

Raymone Turner in Court Friday
Raymone Turner in Court Friday

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Cincinnati Police revealed that a suspect shot by police in Westwood Thursday was unarmed. Officer Kyle Smith is on Administrative Leave pending the outcome of an investigation by the Internal Investigation Section of the Cincinnati Police.

Raymone Turner, 27, was shot in the leg Thursday morning by Officer Kyle Smith in Westwood. Turner's girlfriend called police at 3:30 a.m. Thursday morning saying Turner was threatening her with a gun. By the time police arrived, Turner had left. At about 9:30 a.m., Turner returned, and his girlfriend alerted Smith, who was performing a traffic stop in the area.

As Smith approached Turner, he took off, and when he turned towards the officer, Smith fired one round.

Cincinnati Police Chief James Craig and Assistant Chief Vince DeMasi held a meeting Friday to address the situation. He told the media that Turner did not have a weapon at the time of the incident, and police have only recovered a cell phone from Turner.

"We have not found a weapon at this time. We have recovered a cell phone. There is an admission from both Mr. Turner and our officer that they saw something in his hand and that apparently was what was mistaken for a firearm. The officer believed that his life was in imminent danger and fired one time to neutralize what he thought was a deadly encounter," said DeMasi. "At one point our officer actually spoke to Mr. Turner and Mr. Turner indicated to him that he was coming to the house to finish things off. Which we took to mean it was a very serious threat. He was very agitated."

The Hamilton County Prosecutor's Office is also investigating the shooting. "We do not have a prosecutor's stamp of approval on this by any stretch of the imagination. I don't want anyone to think that. It's still an ongoing investigation and there are still many loose ends that we are trying to tie up," said DeMasi.

Turner's bond was set at $115,000. He appeared in court Friday morning in a wheelchair with his ankle wrapped as well as his right wrist. He was shot in the ankle.

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