Mt. Healthy family gets room makeover for seriously ill son

MT. HEALTHY, OH (FOX19) - The past year has been a tough one for the Murray family of Mt. Healthy.

The father, Jessie Murray, had a stroke last year and the youngest son, Jessie Jr., was born with a life-threatening illness called osteopetrosis which required a bone marrow transplant and frequent trips to the hospital.

To make matters worse, Jessie's seven year old brother, Jonathan, has chronic asthma and has also been in and out of the hospital.

A group called Special Spaces stepped in to renovate the bedroom the two Murray boys share. Special Spaces Director Jennifer Chamberlin says a room makeover can be therapeutic.

"We believe that a colorful, positive, peaceful environment has got to contribute to the health of the individual that we're doing this for," said Chamberlin.

Jessie's mother, Maia Murray, says the makeover is a blessing.

"It's honestly going to be like a savior to him because he's not allowed out in public areas," said Murray.

Chamberlin says the makeover will also help Jessie's older brother.

"The brother that he shares a room with has severe asthma and has been in and out of the hospital as well this past year with emergency room, with complications with his asthma," said Chamberlin.

While the family was sent out for the day a group of volunteers busied themselves with painting, sawing, nailing and sewing.   Volunteer Jo Moore says she does it because it helps someone in need.

"Shivers up and down my spine, just a warm, fuzzy feeling, it's awesome. I think what I also get out of it is just practice trouble shooting, solving problems on the fly," said Moore.

The room was designed by volunteer Hillary Keller.

"This is their own special space where they recover and spend most of their time so I think it's important for them to have the best space that they can have," said Keller.

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