Deer comes to rescue, breaking up violent robbery attempt

A white-tailed deer
A white-tailed deer

A Miami University student who escaped a robbery attempt Sunday morning is giving the credit to a white-tailed deer.

The woman told police she had been at a late-night party on South Poplar Street in Oxford when she went outside for some reason, and was approached and attacked by a man who grabbed her purse.

The purse was around her shoulder and neck, and the man grabbed it, hit her in the head, told her to be quiet, and started dragging her across the lawn.

Suddenly, a deer appeared out of nowhere, and the startled attacker let go of the purse strap and ran away.

Police say the student had abrasions and contusions, but didn't need to go to the hospital.

Police are still looking for the attacker.  Oxford police have not had any similar robberies or robbery attempts, nor any similar incidents involving deer.

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