Speaker brings anti-bullying message to hundreds of students

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The issue of school violence has once again been brought to the forefront in many schools and homes. This week, a nationally recognized speaker on the issue of bullying brought his message to the Tri-State.

Mark Brown, a native of Jamaica, has been speaking to kids all over the country for 15 years.  He says he was picked on, bullied, and beat up as a kid and still remembers how much it hurt, some 40 years later. Tuesday he addressed middle school audiences at Xavier University and Sycamore Junior High.

"Youngsters your age bring their own guns, knives, and clubs to school every day," said Brown. "Not physical weapons - don't get me wrong. When I say guns, I mean words. When I say knives, I mean attitudes. When I say clubs, I'm talking about the ways many of us choose to treat the people in our own classrooms whom we don't like, whom we don't get, whom we don't understand because they're not like us."

Brown told the students about the many young people who have approached him, written to him, contacted him online, and cried on his shoulder, all because of the pain others - often at school - inflict on them on a daily basis.

Students listened intently as Brown urged them to stand up, be people of character, and never to assume they know how another person feels.  He said the Golden Rule, treating others as you'd like to be treated, is the ideal way to create an environment of peace and respect in schools.

Brown will be at two Northern Kentucky schools on Wednesday.

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