Spontaneous combustion to blame for house fire

SYMMES TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - Spontaneous combustion is being blamed for a house fire that caused more than $300,000 in damage early Wednesday morning.

The family of three got out safely, but by the time crews arrived the fire had already spread from the garage to the home on Cactus Lane.

"We heard the fire stuff going on this morning and we woke up and were looking out the windows and everything and it was horrible," said Jessica Washburn who lives around the corner.

The Robinson family has to replace everything, including everything needed for a newborn. Mrs. Robinson is pregnant and expected to have the baby in about two weeks.

Even without the garage, cars and a home, Mr. Robinson was able to save the most valuable things inside.

"He got his wife and his baby out and got them to safety, which is the important part of that, everything else can be replaced," said Loveland Symmes Fire Chief Otto Huber.

The homeowners had been staining wood in the garage and left the rags filled with linseed oil in a small box which sparked the fire.

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