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Jurors begin deliberating in Jimmy Dimora corruption trial


Jurors in the Jimmy Dimora corruption trial are now deliberating.

This, after Dimora's attorneys made a motion for a mistrial Thursday morning.  In a sidebar discussion before the jury entered the courtroom, Judge Sarah Lioi heard their argument and then denied the motion.  It is likely that the motion had to do with a slip of the tongue by Dimora's attorney William Whitaker as he summed in his case to jurors on Wednesday.  He told the jury that given the evidence, they needed to find his client guilty.  He thanked the jury, then realizing his mistake said, "I mean not guilty."

For the first time since he hired Bill and Andrea Whitaker, Dimora spoke Thursday morning.  As he passed a group of reporters he was asked if he had anything to say and he replied, "Maybe later today, we'll see."  It is unclear what to read into that.  Before the trial began, Dimora had been a frequent critic of media coverage of his case.

Just before 4 p.m., deliberating jurors asked for post-it-notes and to see the witness list. At 5 p.m., jurors were finished for the day.

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